Customisable Built-in Bioethanol Fireplaces - Modern and Flexible Bio Fires for Any Fireplace Project

Foco Fires is a range of modern built-in bioethanol fireplaces, that can be customised to almost any specifications, and comes in many different variations that fits any type of built-in project

Choose the Burner for your Needs

With a Foco Built-in Fireplace, you can choose between different types of burners depending on your needs and wishes.

Customised to your Needs

The Foco Fires are customisable to almost any measurements and size that you need, so your new built-in fire fits precisely in your home.

8 different types and angles

Our Foco Fireplaces comes in 8 different types, that gives you different angles of sight for the flames.

Foco One
Foco Two
Foco Three
Foco Four
Foco Room Divider
Foco Corner Right
Foco Corner Left
Foco Free

More than

happy foco customers

We have more than 11 years of experience with selling fireplaces, and have been creating modern Foco fireplaces for more than 4 years.

Find the perfect Foco Built-in Fire for your needs. And contact our skilled and experienced customer service consultants, and we’ll help you find the right Foco for you!

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